maandag 29 januari 2007

Oma......... :'-(

Yesterday we received the terrible news that my grandma has past away.......
She went for a holiday to my family in Australia (on her own, as I proud told anyone who wanted to hear), and while she was enjoying her vacation, she got sick and had to go to the hospital.
Her kidney's were not functioning well, and there was something wrong with her diabetes. In the hospital the doctors discovered she had a tumour near her uterus, and that it had spread to her lymph glands. Offcourse we were all very shocked to hear this sad news, and the insurance company tried very hard to get her on a plain to the Netherlands, so medical treatment could be started.
Her kidney's were OK by then, so she went home with my aunt and uncle, as the doctors over there couldn't do anything more for her.
As she was sitting in the living room, here diabetes went really bad, and she got a hypo. Then she had a heart attack, and it was all over :'-(

Still can't believe it, it is all so unreal, can't imagine never hearing my granny talk, laugh, eating her soup, taking her on visits, seeing here beautiful white hair, showing her my scraps, drinking coffee with her, just all those simple things we all enjoyed so much!
Oma, I will miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm thankful for all those nice moments we spend together,
I hope you find peace and love there were you are now,

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Je@net zei

Jeetje zeg!!Dat is toch nog wel erg onverwachts!
Ik weet dat jij en oma een goede band hadden, dus weet dat dit een enorme schok moet zijn!
Heel veel sterkte!!

Dutchie in Canada zei

He meid, wat ontzettend erg... heel veel sterkte hoor de komende tijd!

Ingrid zei

Jeetje meid. Wat een ontzettend naar bericht. Kan me voorstellen dat dit een schok is. Ik wens jou en je familie heel veel sterkte.

marije zei

wat een naar bericht tammie, maar wel erg goed van dat je het zo mooi verwoord hebt op je blog!als er iets is kun je me altijd bellen! ik wil jou en je hele familie heel veel sterkte wensen in deze moeilijke en verdrietige tijd! groetjes marije.

Corinnexxx zei

Ik wil jou en je familie sterkte toewensen!


Janny zei

och Tamara, wat een droevenis. Gecondoleerd en veel sterkte gewenst. Trouwens wat een mooie kubus heb je gemaakt, heel apart en een mooie herinnering zo.

Ice-Angel zei

Dank jullie wel allemaal!

Cynthia zei

Jeetje wat erg voor jou en je familie.. Sterkte meis!

Anoniem zei

Oh I am sorry!
This happened to us on a family holiday to canada when I was pregnant (7 months). My husband father died and we had only been there 1 day. It was awful and for those in the family who had stayed at home it was a terrible shock.
I wish you and your family the best in this sad time.