maandag 5 februari 2007


Allot has happened since my last post,
Saturday (we left at 03.20!) we could finally go to the airport, because my grandma would arrive, with my uncle & aunt from Australia (at 06.00 the plain landed)
And what no one expected, happened: my oma was in such a good state that everyone could see her for 2 last times (one at the schiphol mortuary, and one in Doetinchem), and say goodbye. She really looked beautiful! We all gave her white roses.
I'm very grateful for this moments!
Unfortunately this was the last time we could see her, because after the trip to Doetinchem, next day her children (my uncle, dad & aunties) decided that the coffin would be closed that day, because she had changed to much.
A very sad and emotional moment for us all......
The cremation will be next Thursday

I had the idea to design the card for the obsequies (NL: uitvaartdienst)myself, and the rest of the family thought that was a good idea.
So I went to work with Paint Shop Pro, together with my uncle.
It took us quite some time, but it's finished. This morning we went to the printing office (NL: drukkery) to print the cards, and this is the final design:
I'm very glad and proud that I had the chance to do this for oma.
Of which I am also very proud, is the bracelet (NL: armband) my oma bought for me in Australia, before she died. It is beautiful, a silver bracelet full of heart charms.
I'll place a photo later.
I also ordered the Pandora bracelet I wanted so badly, a silver one, and I ordered one bead with it: a silver heart with a white stone, for a remembrance (NL: herinnering)
of my oma and her beautiful white hair.

3 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

You designed a beautiful card, Tamara.

Je@net zei

Je hebt er een prachtig kaartje van gemaakt Tammie!

Dutchie in Canada zei

Wat een ontzettned mooie kaart Tamara, fijn dat je dat kon doen! Sterkte donderdag.... knuf Marjolein