zaterdag 24 februari 2007

some more scrapshopping :-D

Well, today Marye, Jeanet and I went to Doorn to spend the coupons we got for our products that were placed in the mag. Boy, was I surprised to see the amount!!! For the first time I actually had some money left when I left the shop ;-) I'll save that for next time, here's a pic of the stuff I bought today:

It's a nice minibook, Bg Stella Ruby, some ribbon, a funky glitter alphabet (that I've been wanting for some time), Rub-ons, filt flowers, shrinky dinky alphabet and 4 boxes of cute flowers, I'm soooooo HAPPY with my new stuff, can't waith to get started with it!!!
We'll I'm off baby-sitting for tonight!

4 opmerkingen:

Dutchie in Canada zei

Looks good girl!!! You did some fine shopping today!

Brigitta zei

whoho, Tamara!!! That look fabulous!! Have fun with all the nice new stuff!!!

Anoniem zei

Geweldig allemaal Tamara!
Mooie flowers zijn dat zeg!!

Groetjes Hanneke

Je@net zei

Was weer gezellig he Tammie!! Nu lekker aan de slag met onze nieuwe spullies!!