woensdag 14 februari 2007

Valentine's Day

Since I already got my present (the Pandora Bracelet...) I decided to give Maikel something he likes: FOOD :-D.
Yeah that's right, I cooked him a very special dinner, really romantic, with candles, music, a good wine, and delicious food (even if I say so myself ;-))
I bet you're a bit curious about my dinner, so here are a few pics (yeah yeah I know, who takes photo's at a romantic dinner, but hey, can't help it, I'm a scrapbooker LOL).
Anyway, here are the pics, I made them without a flash, for the soft effect, so they look a bit blurred. I tried to do the whole dinner in red!
The first course was tomato-creme soup and pieces of ciabatta bread with "crema di pomodori secchi" or just sun-dried tomato tapenade.
The main course was a sort of pasta called Gigli, made with sun-dried tomatos, which I liked because it was red.(but because of the (also) red sauce, you didn't saw it anymore.....)
For dessert I had strawberry's & raspberry's with whipped cream.
How was your Valentine??

2 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Ooooooooooo jummie, dat ziet er lekker uit!!!
Enne...bedankt voor je e-card!!!

Ice-Angel zei

Ur welcome :-D