zaterdag 15 september 2007

In what parts of the world...

... have I been.
I found
this funny map at marjo's blog, and I was curious about what mine would look like.
Well here it is:

I guess, it looks more spectacular then it really is, when traveling to Australia, I just made a brief stop in Singapore (Malaysia) but hey, I've been there, didn't I ;-)
For Europe, I've been on a holiday to Belgium, Italy, Spain and Istrië, I live in the Netherlands, and Maikels parents live in Germany. The rest of the countries was just for passing trough, or for a short visit.
But again: I was there LOL.
And now, for the countries that are on my I-should-ever-visit-(again-)list:

It will propably take I while before I actually GET there, but I'm only 25, so I hope I will have enough time to visit some of them ;-)

7 opmerkingen:

Janny zei

leuk om te zien waar je allemaal bent geweest, ik kom niet verder dan een paar landen in Europa;)

Marjolein zei

Same here Tammie!! Looks like I've been al over Canada LOL.... And..that's the country I miss on your map....... don't you know it's way more beautiful then the USA!!!!!!!?????

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

leuk om te zien tammie! groetjes marije.

Je@net zei

Heerlijk meis! Wie verre reizen maakt....kan mooie foto's maken en leuke lootjes scrappen!! LOL

Heidie zei

Leuk om te zien waar je allemaal al bent geweest. Moet ik ook eigenlijk eens gaan maken.
groetjes Heidie

Eminepala zei

How cool honey...

Hey... We need to meet UP SOOOOON...
I have a scrapping MALE friend... He has a car... Maybe we can come your way if you want ;)


dawn zei

Look at this cute map - there are so many places in Europe I'd love to visit too :D