zondag 7 oktober 2007

The new SBM, and some more scrapbooking purchases :-D

Yesterday, Marye and I went to P&P, to see the new SBM, and to buy something for our coupons.
As always, the mag is looking great!! And it has some real cool projects from
Marye, Jeanet & Esther (and ofcourse from myself)
'Cause I was really busy this month, I didn't scrap a lot for the mag, and so not much of my stuff was published. I did one pretty big project, which took me quite some time to finish, but I think it was a fun & beautiful project to do!!
Here it is:

And this is what I bought:

This is what Trui gave me to create something with for the new mag: Ofcourse, not all of the stuff we create, make it to the SBM.

So next week I'll show some things that are very cool, but unfortunately didn't get published in the mag (last time, and times before)

Last friday, I also bought some little things ( at Wansink) for the project I'm working on now:

Well, I have more time then last month, so now I can finish off more projects!

So hopefully more of my "art" will be in the mag in dec.

To bad I can't show you yet what I'm working on now......it's soooooooo cool, ooooh yeah can't wait.....well now I'm really gone!!

bye bye ;-)

9 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

I really like your butterfly mini album published in the magazine. It is beautiful. You purchased some gorgeous goodies again. Can't wait to see what you will create with it.

Janny zei

waaauw wat een prachtig project in de SBM, ik heb ervan genoten en ook weer inspiratie opgedaan!
veel plezier met je nieuwe spulletjes!

Rianne*Z zei

Leuke spulletjes zeg :D:D
Daar kun je vast iets heel erg leuks mee maken!

Heidie zei

Ben benieuwd wat er allemaal in de nieuwe SBM staat. Moet nog even wachten tot die in de winkel ligt.
En wat een leuke spullen heb je gekocht. Ben benieuwd wat je er mee gaat maken.
groetjes Heidie

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hey tammie, super cool project hoor! en de sm was inderdaad weer super gaaf! ik vond het gisteren ook erg gezellie! groetjes marije.

Marsha zei

ligt de nieuwe SBM al in de winkel dan ? ga vanmiddag wel even kijken of ik 'm kan vinden ...

jammer dat niet al je lo's in de SBM terecht komen :-S

ben erg nieuwsgierig naar het project waar je nu mee bezig bent ...

Je@net zei

Ziet er gaaf uit Tammie!
En wat een leuke spullen heb je gekocht/gekregen!! Super!! Succes ermee!

Marjolein zei

Wow, I love the mini book you've made, gorgeous colors! You've bought/got some nice papers and stuff there girl!! Would love to see what you're gonna make with that!! (don't have the SBM anymore.....miss it like crazy!)

hilde janbroers zei

ik vond je project echt supermooi!!!! mijn complimenten!