dinsdag 22 juli 2008

Just 3 more days...

...and then we're going on our holiday!
The first one for Luna, so exciting.
We'll have to take more bagage along for Luna than for ourselves, and that's quit a prestation, if you think of all the shoes and clothes I want to take with me!
We're going to Germany, to the Eiffel.
It's really beautiful there.
We have been there before, let's see if I can find the pics....
Oh there they are! Look at these:

Pretty good, isn't it?
I'm looking forward to make some photo's with my canon (these were made with my old camera), as I just bought a new zoomlens, so I can't waith to see what it can do!
Well I guess you can tell I'm looking forward to our holiday, so enough about that now ;-)

Last Sunday I finally had a scrapday with the girls again, it had been a while, but it was just as much fun as always!

Looking forward to the next scrapday girls! Thnx for the fun!

Just 1,5 week, and then I have to start working again! It will be fun, I've really missed my colleague and the kids at work, but oh boy, I'm gonna miss Luna like crazy :-S
I think every mom will understand my feelings right now ;-)
But first we'll have so much fun together on holiday, so no thinking of work yet hihi ;-)

Thnx for visiting my blog!

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