zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Another award!

Jeanet gave me this award:

Thnx girl, i love your blog too :-D
I give this blog to al you bloggers who read my blog ;-)
The first 2 weeks of working have been official ;-)
I must say, althought I really really missed Luna (just don't think to much of her being without her mommy hihi) it has been good seeing everyone again!
And it's sooooooooo nice going home to my princess at the end of the day!
At first I thought she didn't really noticed me being gone, but she does! She seems to be more awake when I'm at home, and the last 3 evenings she wouldn't go to bed at all, she would cry really hard, and the only thing she wanted is me holding her, and this is how she eventually fell asleep:
It has been quit some time since she has done that! So cute, isn't it!
But tonight she went to bed without crying!
And next week schoolholidays are over, so I'll won't be gone all day, but just the afternoon. I hope that will be easier for her!

6 opmerkingen:

**SCRAP-GEK** zei

hoi Tammie, ik vond het gezellig vandaag! Luna is al weer zooooo groot geworden! ik kan me voorstellen dat je haar super mist als je werken moet! en zij jou natuurlijk ook! leuke foto hoor! sooooooo cutie!!! gefeliciteerd met je award!!! groetjes marije.

Je@net zei

Ja, het is natuurlijk ook ff wennen...niet alleen voor mammie, maar ook voor Luna! Fijn dat de schoolvakantie er nu op zit, wordt alles weer wat rustiger!

En gefeliciteerd met je award, je hebt 'm verdiend!

butterfly zei

Wat een mooie dochter heb je . Het is echt een plaatje. Ik begrijp dat je het moeilijk vindt haar achter te laten. Geniet maar van alle momenten dat ze zo heerlijk tegen je aan ligt. Het is zo voorbij en dan wil ze alles 'selluf' doen!

~Nancy~ zei

Awww.. look at your little girlie.. awwwww! She has changed so much!

Charlotte zei

Oh wow... Luna is such a cute girl. Four months already, huh? Time really flies! Good to read you're doing allright!

Frumpies world zei

Can't imagine how it must feel to be working again with Luna being so young still, but...all things will work out in the end. And yes, she does look cute being held by you this way....My oldest son also wouldn't go to sleep without being held by me...So, I recognize your story. PS if you're in for a little treat, check out my blog.xxxWendy.