donderdag 8 maart 2007

Pandora Clips!

As I really badly wanted 2 clips for my pandora bracelet, my dad decided to give me an early birthday present: the clips (if I keep up getting early birthday presents, I won't have any left for my real birthday, which is in June!!! LOL)
But I ordered the clips, and hope they will come by mail tomorrow!!
I just got a mail that my order is already been sent, so I'm almost sure they will arive tomorrow!! YES!!!
Haven't been scrapping the last few days, been busy working, and preparing my cousins birthday party, Devy had his 8th birthday at the 23th of februar, and for his friends he wanted a Pirates party!
So next sunday, he'll be having the coolest party ever (and I will have lots of cool pics for my Rusty Pickle Pirates paper!!!)
Tomorrow, I'm going to my aunt Dionne, to make the last plans, and to decide what to shop for the party!
I say: AYE AYE MATEY!!! ;-)

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