zondag 25 maart 2007


Oh boy, have I been posting often last few weeks :-S
I'm sorry, really didn't have much time at all, I had to work a lot, every day, and in the evening I was so tired that I couldn't find the energy to update my blog.
Anyway, here's a short update from my last few weeks:
Devy's pirate party:
This was a huge succes, we had beautiful weather, and all the kids had a very good time!
I'm glad I could organize this party, it was lots of fun.
I'll place some pics later (have to go now...) to give you an impression of the party!
Dionne thought it was so nice of me to organize the party, that she wants to order me a pandora. How sweet is that!!! :-D
I really havn't done much lately, I made a 50x70 canvas, some Lo's and some other projects, but I'm not allowed to show them yet, so for that you'll have to waith some more weeks ;-)
I'm also busy catching up with Emily Falkonbridge's Art journal challenge, I just finished week 2, and she just placed week 11(!!) on her blog, so I do have alot of catching up to do! I'll tell more about this challenge (you can also read her blog), and I will place pics when I have finished some more cards.
Just ordered another pandora bead, and last week I had ordered 2, so my bracelet is really beginning to look great!
These are the 2 I ordered last week:

And this is the one I ordered today:

Aren't they beautiful!?!?
Grande Punto Club:
As you probable knwo, I'm a (proud) member of the Grande Punto Club , and yesterday we had a very nice and fun meeting near Groningen, 2 members who live near Groningen organized the meeting, and I must say, they did a great job!
So a big thanx to Ysco & Grietje!
Unfortunaly I couldn't make any pics, 'cause I had lost the charger of the digital camera somewere, and the battery was empty. So I'll have to waith until I get the pics the other members made.
We'll, hope that's enough update for now, gotta go do some visits :-D
Talk to you later ;-)

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Je@net zei

Ha Tammie, vroeg me al af waar je gebleven was in Blogland!
Druk, druk, druk, ik zie et al!!
Maar wat een gave bedels! Super joh!

Je@net zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Marjolein zei

He, he.... ze is terug!!!!!! Wat ben jij druk zeg!! Ben benieuwd naar de dingen die je nog niet mag laten zien, en nog meer benieuwd naar je Art Journals... gaaf is dat he, doe trouw mee elke week, zo'n heerlijke uitdaging om creatief te zijn op zo'n klein kaartje!

Marjolein zei

Vergat ik nog....wat een geweldige bedels joh!! Prachtig!