woensdag 25 april 2007

10 weird facts about me...

I've been tagged by Anita L ánd Jeanet LOL, so here are the 10 weird facts about me ;-)
1. I LOVE spooky things, doesn't mather what, from movies to books to a ghostly apparition (still haven't seen one :-( ), can't get enough!!
2. I love to read. Everything, even the labels on the shampoo & stuff when I'm in the shower ;-)
3. I'm crazy about cars. Especially the tuned ones, when I still lived at home, my whole bedroom was full of tuning posters, how weird is that for a girly girl like me :-P. I also love to go to tuning shows!
4. I still am very afraid of wasps...., trying, but just can't get over it :-(
5. I can be very insecure about myself, especially around new people (although no one would tell....)
6. I am a summer person. Just love the relaxed easy going that comes along with the hot weather and holidays. Every season has his beautiful things, but summer is my favorite!!
7. I don't really like bread, only for lunch, but not as breakfast or dinner.
8. I always drive to fast (I know, shame on me...), just don't like driving to slow, and I HATE it when people do. The only time I reduce speed to the speedlimit, is in a 30KM area :-D
9. I'm always trying new things on internet, blogs, my own website, I'm just curious how it all works, and want to now everything
10. I get a brown color from the sun really quickly. 2 hours in the sun is enough to see which shirt I weared that day!
Well, this was fun. it took me about half an hour to come up with 10 weird facts which I could tell. But, here they are, and here are the people that are tagged by me:
Good luck & have fun girls, can't waith to read all your weird stuff ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

OMG...didn't no you were sooo weird!! LOLOL

CwazyLawa zei

I totally hear you on most of those! Way cute blog. :)

Tammy zei

Hey there girl...waiting for some new pages!!