maandag 23 april 2007


So here finally is my report of last friday!!

As you know, last friday it finally was the big day--> LANCE DAY!!
We (Jeanet, Marye, Esther, Dorien and I) left at 3 o'clock, so we wouldn't be late.
We arrived early, so I ran straight ahead to the Rhonna Farrer French Twist ;-)
After adding some more stuff to my basket, it was time for some snacks, and to give Truike her present. Al of the invited had put some money together, and Nina and ..... had bought a great gift for Truike, to congratulate her, and to thank her for the party.
She got a Pandora bead, with an ring, flowers and a beauty set, she was very surprised and happy!
Then it was almost 4.30, so everyone was waiting for Lance to arrive.
At 5 o'clock, he still wasn't there, and Truike decided to go and make some calls (to his agent, his wife in America, etc). She found out he was in a traffic jam (because of 2 accidents), and it would take at least hours to get there.
So Truike decided to give us another workshop, also with Rusty Pickle paper, this was actually for the day after (Saturday). It was a real cute file folder book, with pink and baby blue, angels, and the theme LOVE. You can see in the pics how cute it is!! After that we played a couple of rounds of binge, with cool prices!
Truike did a real good job making up to us, so a big thanks for Truike!!
And 7 o'clock, we decided to go the "De Wensput" , a pancake restaurant near P&P.
The pancakes were delicious!!!
When we arrived back at P&P, at 8.30, Lance had finally arrived, and the people who had waited at P&P, had started with their workshop.
We decided to just waith, give Lance his present (liquorice) take some pics, ask for an autograph, and then go home.
But boy, were we surprised:
first, we got to take home Lance's workshop, which I finisshed at home.
And then: Lance decided to give us 5, and 2 others, his newest book with autographs, for not being able to do the workshop there. He also wanted to give us the workshop when he was finished, but we told him that we would finish it ourselves at home.
despite the fact that Lance was late, we had a real cool day, Truike and the girls: thank you so much, and Lance, you too ofcourse ;-)
Oh here are the pics:

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Je@net zei

Wat een keigave dag hè!! Heb zo genoten, van begin tot et eind!!

Ingrid zei

Fijn dat jullie het zo leuk hebben gehad.

anita l. zei

Hey Tamara!
You've been tagged! Pls see my blog for the questions you have to answer.
Good luck!

Je@net zei

Ha, ha, and I tagged you too....
you're a busy girl!! LOLOL

Ice-Angel zei

thnx girls ;-)