maandag 16 april 2007

the weekend is gone...

...and so the week has begun!! only 4 more days until LANCE DAY :-D

The last few das the weather has been GREAT!! for about a week now, we had temps from above 25*, how cool is that for April!! I JUST LOVE THE SUN!!!
Tomorrow the weather is cooling down to approximately 18*, but that's still very nice, no rain, and you can still go outside without a jacket, so who's complaining ;-)

I ordered a new Pandara glassbead (Murano) today, and a Pandora snowstar last week, these are my new purchases:
To bad I can't buy a whole bunch at once, 'cause they are pretty expensive, but that's what you get when you only want the real Pandora's ;-)

We had so much fun at InQontrol last saturday, hadn't been to a party a long time, so it was double fun! We went to bed at about 7, and I woke up at about 1, Maikel at 3. Didn't have much sleep, but hey, who cares ;-)

There's a challenge for the new Design Team of Dolls&Decorations, still doubts about if I am good enough, and if I want to join, but I did already finish my LO for the first assignment, now I have to make a mini album as well, and see if I make it to round 2!!!

4 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Heeee girlie, no doubts!! Sure you're good enough!!
Off to go at work and make a splendid mini album!!!
Wish you luck!!

Ingrid zei

I really don't understand why you have doubts about your scrap stuff. You make great LO's and projects. Think about that little Maya Road box in the latest SBM. Of all your projects in the magazine that was my favorite one. Love that style, so give it a try!

Marjolein zei

Just go for it girl!! Your work is great, sit down, relax and make that album!!! Good luck and I hope you'll make it!

Anne Thompson zei

Hi there. I was blog surfing and came across your site. I noticed your name sounded familiar...I live in Agassiz BC Canada and we have quite a few van der Veen's in our area. Is it a popular name or do you think you are related?! Anne