vrijdag 13 april 2007

Lance Anderson!!

As some of you already know: last weekend I have been invited to join a workshop given by no one else then Lance Anderson (mr. Rusty Pickle) himself!!
Is that cool or what??
It's all part of the birthday party of Paper & Pictures (3 years ago Truike started her scrapbookshop), and Truike invited her best customers to celebrate this with a FREE workshop from Lance on friday the 20th of april.
Ofcourse he will be giving workshops the saturday after, but these are the ones everybody can join and wich have to be paid for.
Oooooh can't waith until next friday, as Marye says, LANCE day ;-)
After the workshop, the 4 of us (Jeanet, Marye, Esther and I) will have dinner in a real fancy restaurant: McDonalds ;-D
I'm sure it will be a day to remember, and ofcourse I'll place the pics as soon as possible!
I also already received the new Scrapbook Magazine, and I can say: it's looks pretty damn good again!!!
Can't show yet, so here are some pics of my work that's in the mag:

Tomorrow Maikel & I are going to InQontrol, together with Brian and his girlfriend Tamara, that will be so much fun :-D
Have a nice weekend!!

6 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Can't wait to get SBM in the mail tomorrow. Your projects look good again. No P&P DT for you???

Marjolein zei

I want that magazine!!! Have to wait two more weeks I'm afraid, but it looks damn good girl!!! Have fun next Friday, I'm sure J. will tell me all about it! and I will read some here I guess???:-)

Ice-Angel zei

@Ingrid: no, no P&P DT-ship for me ;-) But maybe Dolls?? I'm sure you make a good change too!!
@Marjo: I'll tell all about friday here ofcourse :-D

Je@net zei

Great stuff girl!!!
And have fun this weekend!!

Ingrid zei

Too bad you are not in the P&P DT, because you make great projects. Hope you will also join the D&D DT call.

Jill zei

hey there! thanks for stopping by my blog, i am lovin yours! The sneak peek of you layout looks awesome! Can't wait to see the whole thing! Hope you had a great weekend! Talk to ya later!