vrijdag 8 juni 2007


....all my troubles seemed.....oh no, that's the wrong song haha.

Anyway, yesterday Maikel and I celebrated us being together for 5 years!!
We went to a Greek restaurant in Emmerich, were we enjoyed a real good dinner, and ofcourse I got a new Pandora bead for my bracelet :-D

Isn't it beautiful??

Well short message, but I have to go search some clothes for my Gemma Glitter act tomorrow (don't ask :-s) at the summer party (the theme is: WRONG) at my work.

Wish me luck :-P

Maybe I'll place some pics after.......maybe ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Happy belated 5th anniversary. And of course we would like to see some pics of you in your Gemma Glitter outfit. :-)

Je@net zei

Jaaaa, kom maar op met die foto's!! Ben gek op foute feestjes, vooral als Gemma in de buurt is ;-)

Ice-Angel zei

Haha, ja fout was t wel weer ;-)
foto's moeten nog ff wachten, de collega's hebben foto's gemaakt, ik was te druk haha.