zondag 10 juni 2007

New published projects...

This is one of my new projects in the Scrapbook Magazine.
I forgot to take pics of the other one, a mini book in Rhonna Farrer French Twist, so for that you'll have to waith until the mag ;-)

Not much this time, the rest will stay with Truike, she saved some for the next magazine, so who knows what will be placed in the next issue!

This month I didn't only earn a place in the SBM, but also the "Creatief met Foto's" (creative with photograph) saved a spot for me, at the "readers for readers" part.
This is one of the two lay-outs that were placed this month (the other one hasn't been photographed by me, sorry).

It was the first time for me to be placed in the CMF and I hope it won't be the last time ;-)

2 opmerkingen:

Je@net zei

Ziet er weer super uit Tammie!!
Ben trots op je meis, mijn complimenten hoor!!

Ingrid zei

Congrats on your publications, Tamara. Great job!!