zondag 24 juni 2007

Happy birthday......

....to me :-D
Yesterday it was my 25th birthday, and what a great day it was!!
I first got some really cool presents (Pandora, what else:-D), Maikel gave me:
the bead against violence,
the P234and the P362. Love ya!!!!
Maikels parents gave me the P247:
and some extra money (gonna save for another bracelet, 'cause mine is full now). Thank you so much!!
Jeanet & Marye gave me the P158, it's a Chinese sign that means friendship.
THNX girls!!
So now my bracelet looks like this:

At Marye's birthday in Januar, I told Trui (just for fun) that my birthday also was on a Saturday, and that I would like a workshop to. So she asked what I would like (don't ya just love her ;-), and Bohemian Vintage was born!!
This is the book we made (only the outside, the inside has to be finished a little, and I'm gonna use pics of my birthday, and since I'm celebrating next weekend, that will have to waith!):

Look at this BEAUTIFUL back:

It really was alot of work, but sooooo worth it!! It really is the coolest workshop I ever had!!

Trui also gave me this present:

A really cute book from the Elsie Flannigan line "Betty" , so I also bought the matching papers and embellishments!!

Thank you Truike!!

here are some more workshop pics:

Next weekend I'll be celebrating my birthday for family, so more birthday news & pics then!!

4 opmerkingen:

Ingrid zei

Je hebt zo te zien en te lezen een leuke verjaardag gehad. Enne....je bent lekker verwend!

Je@net zei

Leuke foto's Tammie!!
Was echt een keigave dag! En et boek is super!!

Anoniem zei

Alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd!!

Zo te zien heb je een fijne dag gehad, wat heb jij een gave bedels gekregen zeg, je arn=mband ziet echt te mooi uit!!!

Groetjes Hanneke.

Jackie zei

Nog van Harte...

En wat een mooie bedels,
ik wil die 'zinloos geweld' bedel ook heel graag....

En wat een leuke workshop, erg mooi geworden...