zaterdag 28 juli 2007

Ok......I admit it....

I AM addicted.........TO GOLD!!!
And not the real stuff ;-), but golden prints on shirts (or anything else...), golden shoes, golden belts, makeup, nailpolish, golden jewelry, I want everything in gold!! I even have a golden mobile (although I already had it long before my gold addiction started to take over ;-)
Well, this was my confession for today ;-)
Have a nice day!!
Oh BTW I almost forgot to tell you:
last wednesday Trui invited me, Marye and Jeanet to come over to P&P, and to scrap with some of the NEWEST papers she had just brought back from chicago!!
How cool is that?? :-D
I scrapped with Daisy D, My Minds Eye Bohemian, and ofcourse the newest Rusty Pickle!!
The projects will be placed in the mag, and ofcourse I'll place some sneak peeks on my blog, so keep on visiting ;-)

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Je@net zei

Heee, zie ik daar nieuwe kleren en een nieuwe riem?! Gaaf joh!!
Enne....fijne dag morgen!!