maandag 30 juli 2007

Emily Falconbridge Art Challenge Cards

Ok here they finally are, the first 20 cards (or actually 19, I'm waiting for one....)
Week 1-6:

1}Proud: This is what makes me proud. Our first brand new car! Payed for by ourselves, black & beautiful. It makes me smile every time I drive it.

2}Powerfull: Jeanet & Marye really are true friends. We share lots of things together, we can depend on eachother, and we always have lots of fun. Thanxxx

3}I am: I used to want everyone to like me, and I would feel insecure if someone didn't. Now I don't care, people can take me for who I am!

4} A symbol I love: The Ankh is my symbol. I don't know why, there is just something with me & Egypt. My wish is to spend a sight-seeing tour there! The Ankh also is part of the tattoo on my back...

5} Use some ephemera from my week: I LOVE SHOPPING!! Not only for the new clothes and stuff, but also for all the fun stuff that comes along: labels, little chains, etc. EVERYTHING FOR MY SCRAPBOOK!!

6} Love, love, love:When I think of love, I think of Maikel, as he IS the love of my life!!

Week 7-12:

7} Shoes: I love shoes! Summer or winter, I always buy the newest and most trendy ones. Can't help it, I'm an addict!

8} Who do I miss: Oma, I still miss you, every day. Although you're not here, I know you will always be with me!

9} Inspiration found: I get my inspiration from many things, from a colour to a song, from a word to an advertising. Just keep looking around!

10} Note to self: Next week we're finally going to part 3 of Pirates of the Carribean: at worlds end. Can;t waith to see what will happen with Jack Sparrow...

11} My initial: I like my name! It sounds nice, and you don't hear it very often. It means "palmtree"

12} I believe:...that there is more to life than we can see! There are so many things that cannot be explained...

Week 13-20 (missing: 16):

13} What's on my mind: The're just a few people that know what is on my mind these days.....

14} Birds: Isn't nature beautiful? This year, a family of bluetits decided to move into one of the bird-boxes in Maryke's garden. I bought one for my garden, so I'm hoping I will have my own bird family next year!

15} My parents: Maryke & Klaus are the best parents-in-law a gril can have! The're always there for us, the really spoil us, and the're just so sweet.

17} My bedroom: As soon as I saw the combination of blue/ brown barrock, I knew it was perfect for the bedroom. Still love it every day (and so do Botz & Bells)

18} Nature: Bootz loves being outside. Between the flowers, smelling everything & watching birds. Just nature...

19} Surprise: The passionflower surprises me evrey time: by growing fast, opening more then 20 flowers a day, or simply by its beauty!

20} Change: It's amazing how a garden changes every season... Just remember to keep watching it!!

Pfff, now that's in done, I'm gonna work really hard to make the last 10, and then I'm up-to-date ;-)

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Debbie zei

Your cards are amazing. I love the layers of color and patterned papers. So glad you decided to share them and join in the fun!

Rachel Whetzel zei

OMG! Your cards are STUNNING. I can't wait to see more!

Tristan zei

Wow! You have been busy! They look awesome!

Heidie zei

Zien er erg goed uit. Jij bent er wel flink druk mee geweest.

Anoniem zei

WOW Tamara, your cards look really really great!! They're a real inspiration, xxxWendy.

Janny zei

waaaauw ze zijn allemaal geweldig Tamara!!

Paula zei

These are awesome!!!
Fab designs & so pretty to look at.x

Je@net zei

He busy girl, you really rock!!!
Course I will contribute with nr 16 for you ;-)
Love all your cards, they're awesome, and hope to see you soon XX

valerie zei

absolutely stunning cards so great to see them all together

Daan zei

Gaaf zeg die kaartjes.

MaMaLoT zei

Wow... you have been really busy Tamara!!! :) Love all of your cards! Hehehe, I started with this challenge, but I got stuck at number 15 (or so LOL)...

scrapgek zei

helemaal gaaf tammie!!! je bent echt druk geweest zeg!!! LOL!

Jenny zei

Beautiful cards!

Nat zei

your cards are so beautiful - love how different they are!

Ice-Angel zei

Thnx everyone for your compliments :-D

Elizabeth Delman zei

Your really rockin' girl, love all the cards. Look forward to seeing the rest!

~Nancy~ zei

Just wanted to stop by and say HI! Love your blog and work!!! Awesome!!

happydays525 zei

Love your cards! Very stunning work on all of them, thanks so much for sharing!

emfalconbridge zei

you cards look fantastic! loved seeing them all together like this - so much to soak in! thanks for sharing!

Lis zei

Wow, they are all beautiful!!

Marjolein zei

Wow Tammie! Great work, love them all!!! You've did some crafting girl!!! Look forward to see the next 10:-))

Je@net zei

Hee girl, it's me again!
You're tagged! Look at my blog ;-)