maandag 6 augustus 2007

Walibi, and photoshoot in Elburg....

Well I had a great weekend!!
Saturday we went to Walibi for some kick ass rollercoaster action :-D
We, that's Maikel & me, went with friends of ours: Brian and his girl Tamara, and Arjen.
We had so much fun, I just love rollercoasters. Even after the horrorstory that happened at the Efteling ;-)
To bad one of my fav's @ Walibi, La Via Volta, was closed (forever :'( )
Here are some pics I made:

Here are some very cool pics from the net:

And finally: here are some ride-movies, for those who want to experience the ride now ;-) (not for weak stomaches :-P)
The Goliath (107 km/u, 70* downhill for 46m!!):

The Xpress (0-90 km/u in 3 sec!!):

El Condor (5 loopings, free hanging legs!!):

La Via Volta (goes backwards the same ride):

The next day we walked through Elburg, and saw such nice places to have a photoshoot :-D
So that's what we did!! But I'll place the pics tomorrow, cause it took me so long getting this stuff on (especially the movies) that it's time to go already.
So bye bye!!

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Je@net zei

Ziet er uit als een gave dag Tammmie!
Ben benieuwd naar de Elburg foto's!

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

wauw!!! heftig hoor tammie!!! maar zo te lezen en te zien heb je een super dag gehad!!! en het weer was ook helemaal toppie! gaaf joh! groetjes marije.

Heidie zei

Ziet er uit als een gave dag. groetjes Heidie