maandag 29 oktober 2007


We went to P&P to help Trui in the store. It was open on sunday for the release of a new book: Scrapcards.
En guess who's cards are in that book? (no not mine, I don't do cards :-P)
Jeanet's!!! And they really look awesome!! Girl, I'm so proud of you, you're really turning into a celeb :-D
Trui asked Marye and me to come and help in the store, and it's a good thing we did, cause it was SOOO busy, WOW, but it also was a lot of fun ;-)
Nina (who's also in the book) and Jeanet did some very nice make and take's, and ofcourse they got to autograph all books!!
Here's an impression of the day:
A VERY PROUD Nina & Jeanet :-D
Jeanet, busy doing her thing ;-)
We also got to meet Wendy (and her mother and sister), and ofcourse we had to take a pciture! It was lovely to meet you girl!!

(PS. Look at my belly ;-)
Ofcourse, I bought some nice stuff, forgot to take a pic, but it's some ribbon, chipboard and glitter jigsaws. Didn't buy very much, cause next week we're going to the
Woohoo, that's gonna be sooo much fun :-D

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Frumpies world zei

It was awesome to have met you girls...Thanks for taking a picture!! And your belly looks just fine!! Wish you all lots of fun at KreaDoe, I'm going thursday, so we won't meet again Wendy.

Rianne*Z zei

Great pictures Tamara, love your belly!!!!

And when are you going to the Kreadoe??? I'm going on friday!!!

Have a nice week :)

scrapgek!!!!!! zei

hey Tammie, het was gezellig gisteren he?! wat was het druk, maar wat hebben we genoten! en volgende week naar de krea doe!!! joehoe! groetjes marije.

Charlotte zei

Oooooh... girl, look at your belly! It's beautiful!!! :) Good to hear you had a great day! Have fun at the KreaDoe!

Je@net zei

Ha girlie!!
Was een gave dag hè!! Op een paar zere benen (en een zere arm ;-) na, voel ik me weer helemaal topfit!! LOL
Zie je zaterdag!!
Have a nice week and take care of yourself xx

Je@net zei

it's me again!!
You've got a "you make me smile" award!! LOL
Look at my blog!

Marjolein zei

These photos look so good, looks like you all had a great day!!
And I'm so proud of my big sis!! She makes the most gorgeous cards and deserves to be in this book don't you think?
(ps belly looks so beautiful!)