zondag 27 januari 2008

It's been a while...

...but here I am again ;-)
I'm sorry for not updating for such a long time, as always been pretty busy with all kinds of things, and evertime I planned of updating my blog, something came in between!
Saturday the 19th we had a meeting from the SIS-forum, at Scrappendoejezo in Ede. Last time when there was one, I was planning on going, but at the last moment I couldn't go, so I was very happy I could come this time!
I went with Marye, Jeanet, Esther and Judith. And I really had such a fun time, I didn't scrap alot, but it was fun to meet/see and to chat with everyone!
Karin, Lucy & Corinne, thank you for the yummie stuff you girls brought for all of us, such a sweet surprise!
And ofcourse thank you everyone for a great day! Iben came al the way from Denmark and
Lucy came all the way from Sweden, so nice of you girls to be there!
A special thanks goes to Corinne Delis, she brought these very cute angelwings (which ofcourse I desperatly want to have for my own now......;-) ), and ofcourse (as my nickname is always Ice-Angel) I just had to have some pics with them! And I wasn't the only one.....So Corinne, patiently as she is, took the time to take some amazing shots!!
Look at these:

Well I'm off for now, the weekend is over (to bad :-( ), and a new week will begin tomorrow.
Next saturday we are gonna pic up our new car, so keep an eye on my blog for pics (or go to my babyblog if you can't wait ;-) )

7 opmerkingen:

Heidie zei

wat een geweldige foto's. En wat een mooi buikje heb je al.
groetjes Heidie


hoi Tammie, ik dacht al wanneer update je je blog weer....LOL ;-P! het was super gezellie he...op de SIScrop....de volgende is 20 april...maar eeeuuuhhh....of je daar bij kan zijn....???? de fot's zijn echt prachtig...je buik groeit met de week joh...sta elke keer weer versteld...leuk leuk leuk!!! groetjes marije.

Je@net zei

Prachtige foto's Tammie!!! Was een super gezellig dagje hè!!
Ga nu gauw ff naar je babyblog!!

Monique zei

Hee bofkont! Of zal ik zeggen bofbuik? hahaha wat heb je geweldige foto's!!!! Daar ga je ook vast iets prachtigs mee doen en je bent natuurlijk ook prachtig zwanger!

rev zei

you look gorgeous girl!!

Frumpies world zei

What a beautiful pics!! Love those angelwings....xxxWendy.

Marjolein zei

Schitterende foto's Tamara!! Heerlijk meid, daar kan je vast wel wat leuks mee doen!! Lief van Corinne hoor, dat ze daar zo de tijd voor nam!!