maandag 4 februari 2008


....things just have to change.....
As with our car, the Grande Punto really was too small as a family car (and OMG all the stuff we'll have to take if the baby is there, and we go out...), so it had to go *snif*
Last saturday we went to Schagen again, this time not for a testride, but to pic up our new family car! And to leave our GP, and hope that it's new owner will love it just as much as we did!! (That really are the hormones speaking ;-) )

So today it was the first time for me to go to my work with our new car, it's new and familiar at the same time, 'cause the Bravo also is a Fiat, and alot of options that are on this car, we also had on the GP. So we're staying in the family ;-)
Well here are some pics of our new car:
And here's one (for good old's sake) of our "old" one:

Damn.....I'm gonna miss that car *snif*

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dawn zei

Babies 'stuff' has this habit of taking up alot of space - the bigger the space, the more you'll fill LOL... and as they get older, their possessions get small, but much more expensive LOL Hope you are doinf well hun - will I see you in a couple of weeks?


ik zal hem ook missen hoor...maar deze is ook super meid!!! en net zo stoer..wauw! groetjes marije.

Miranda zei

Je hebt een wijs besluit genomen voor een vierdeurs. Onze kleine is nu een jaar en ik ben blij dat wij ook 4 deuren hebben, zijn begonnen met twee en je wilt niet weten met die maxicosi. LOL.

Heel veel sterkte en plezier met je zwangerschap, geniet er van.

Je@net zei

Super gaaf karretje Tammie!! Nog veel veilige kilometers gewenst!!

Frumpies world zei

WOW what a great the color, it's the exact same color of the car we bought when I was pregnant with our first child. We had to buy a family car too and bought a Suzuki Baleno....O how I loved that car....We had to exchange it for a new one, so now we are driving a Nissan Primera, but I still miss my Suzuki....I wish you lots of fun and safe miles with your new car...xxxWendy.

~Nancy~ zei

Ooww.. congrats on the new car girlie! I can imagine that you'll miss your old car.. but the Bravo is an amazing car too!!!!! We're having the 'old'version of the bravo at the moment.. just loooove it!!!! XOXO