dinsdag 12 februari 2008

Cards & SBM

I really love making scrapcards! I do, I just never take the time to make them. Actally, I haven't taken time to do anything creative at all lately :-S
So today, I made 2 cards. Can't show them yet, just a sneak, 'cause the girls I made them for will receive them tomorrow!
Here's sneak 1:And here's sneak 2:
Both cards are for someone of who I thought they need & deserve it! So I hope they will like them!
I also made a card, a couple of weeks ago, for my aunt's birthday (this one I can show, 'cause she already had it!):

I added a silver/ black Pandora bead with it as a present.

Also, last week I received the new SBM :-D
Can't show you anything of my projects yet, so you'll have to waith, or run to the store to get you own magazine ;-)

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oooh leuke sneak peeks joh...en dat kaartje voor je tante is ook super geworden! kaartjes maken is leuk he? hihihi....en ook erg verslavend! LOL! groetjes marije.

Je@net zei

Gaaaf Tammie, ziet er leuk uit!! Zowel je sneaks als het kaartje voor je tante!!!